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    Learning Behaviours

    These are our four learning focussed behaviours chosen by the school community for us to aspire to everyday. They encourage a positive attitude towards learning and spark curiosity and imagination.

    We say Yes to Success!

    We Are Focused!

    We Work Hard

    When we are focused, we know where we are going.  We know the route through a task is clear, the outcome is visible, we know what success looks like.  Being focused inspires us to keep the central purpose of a task in sight.  We can focus on specific skills or areas of improvement, as this will enable us to be better learners.  Focusing on what is important helps us to make judgements and brings clarity to our decision-making.  We approach our classwork with excitement and energy.  We feel alive and inspired.  We actively participate, show enthusiasm and invigorate others.

    We Are Resilient!

    We Don’t Give Up

    We value resilience in all its forms, having the confidence to try even when learning is challenging.  Maintaining the effort over longer periods of time, learning from mistakes and continuing to adapt. We evaluate our work to take it to the next level.  Pupils at Grazebrook Primary School finish what they start, completing tasks despite obstacles.  Pupils show a combination of persistence and resilience. We focus and try hard even after experiencing failure. We get over frustrations and setbacks quickly and believe that effort will improve our future.

    We Are Inquisitive!

    We Ask Questions

    Inquisitiveness; asking and being asked questions is central to the way we learn.  Framing questions allows us to pursue new avenues of thought.  Questions help to make us critical thinkers, to evaluate and speculate on new ideas.  Questions refresh our curiosity and help us to make new connections.  We are inquisitive learners who are active in our learning and show an eagerness to explore new things and ask questions that help us deepen our understanding.

    We Are Creative!

    We Are Always Imagining

    Creativity is at the core of our learning experiences. Being creative allows us to express ourselves in an endless variety of ways. Technology plays a part, providing us with the opportunity to innovate and use digital skills.  With art music and drama, we explore the sensory nature of learning.  Creativity builds self-expression, confidence and a unique set of personal skills.  Our pupils expect the best for the future and work to achieve it.