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    Our Team

    All members of the Woodberry Down team have a significant role to play and work collaboratively to ensure our school is a happy and positive learning environment.

    Senior Leadership Team


    Staff Member Position
    Nicole Reid Executive Headteacher
    Derek Hewie Headteacher
    Sophie Graham Deputy Headteacher
    Joanna Ichim FED Assistant Headteacher
    Dinah Williams Assistant Headteacher
    Patrick Middleburg Assistant Headteacher
    Shayne Davids Assistant Headteacher



    Staff Member Position
    Amanda Clarke Nursery Class Teacher
    Amy Irvine Nursery Class Teacher
    Elise Curnow Reception Red Class Teacher
    Moriam Animashaun Reception Green Class Teacher
    Sophie-Beth Williams Reception Blue Class Teacher
    Golda Quaicoe Reception Blue Class Teacher
    Laura Daniels 1W Class Teacher
    Frederick Waldon 1B Class Teacher
    Peter Wickings 1D Class Teacher
    Sanaa Ermak 2W Class Teacher
    Elsa Osman 2W Class Teacher
    Salma Ali 2B Class Teacher
    Nicola Hogg 2D Class Teacher
    Hannah Bowater 3W Class Teacher
    Morgan Boon 3B Class Teacher
    Alex McLeod 3B Class Teacher
    Eneida Vata 3D Class Teacher
    Patrick Middleburg 4W Class Teacher
    Eleanor Brooks 4B Class Teacher
    Michaela Cocker 4D Class Teacher
    Rachel Onyeanusi 5W Class Teacher
    Hakki Kilicarslan 5B Class Teacher
    Michael Pavela  5D Class Teacher
    Flora Thomas 6W Class Teacher
    Dinah Williams 6B Class Teacher
    Krystal Clarke 6D Class Teacher
    Mary Greaney Cover Teacher
    Ceara Keeshan Cover Teacher
    Sarah Needham Cover Teacher
    Sara Valls Spanish Teacher
    Aaron Nice Music Tutor
    Alex Dmochowski Music Tutor
    Alexander McKenzie Music Tutor
    Ella Kenny Music Tutor
    Simeon May Music Tutor
    Alison Dunne Art Tutor
    Alex Hayward-Smith Art Tutor
    Chloe England Art Tutor
    Vincent Lwanga Lead PE Coach
    Kieron Cathline PE Coach


    Support Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Jessica Owusu Early Years Educator
    Geetaben Patel Early Years Educator
    Sofia Parenti Early Years Educator
    Ambre Kelly Early Years Educator
    Sevinc Soral Early Years Educator
    Maureen Hunter Early Years Educator
    Anila Elezi Teaching Assistant
    Shewly Ali Teaching Assistant
    Soumia Atchi Teaching Assistant
    Cansu Ayral Teaching Assistant
    Elise Johnson Teaching Assistant
    Ahu Kilicarslan Teaching Assistant
    Samantha Bryant Teaching Assistant
    Rejwana Sultana Teaching Assistant
    Hettal Joshi Teaching Assistant
    Ikra Gokdogan Teaching Assistant
    Patricia Salmon Teaching Assistant
    Sharmarke Ali Teaching Assistant
    Angela Stewart Teaching Assistant
    Latifa Jakda Teaching Assistant
    Pal Pasztor Teaching Assistant
    Diana Bradshaw-Casey Teaching Assistant
    Seher Sabahat Teaching Assistant
    Alexandra Tonchievici Level 3 Teaching Assistant
    Melanie Bryan Teaching Assistant
    Martina Nolan Teaching Assistant
    Humphries Kantazi Teaching Assistant
    Ryan Wood Teaching Assistant
    Gail Richards Teaching Assistant
    Ayse Aksamaz Teaching Assistant
    Soumaya Trimech Teaching Assistant
    Shefali Khanom High Level Teaching Assistant
    Cherice Jno-Lewis Teaching Assistant
    Marina Odeke Teaching Assistant
    Malkeet Singh Teaching Assistant
    Harry Duffy Teaching Assistant
    Lilian Kazdekian Mora Teaching Assistant
    Debbie Owen Teaching Assistant
    Hamish Seddon Teaching Assistant
    Nicola Oyejobi Teaching Assistant
    Jordan Webb Teaching Assistant
    Barbara Michael High Level Teaching Assistant


    Administrative and Premises Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Alia Choudhry Federation Business Manager
    Enis Zaman Senior Administration Officer
    Sheila Reeder Administration Officer
    Neslihan Kaygusuz Receptionist
    Les Bland Premises Officer
    Nixon Cubala Premises Officer
    Bilal Theodule Pastoral Support Manager
    Murat Shevket Learning Mentor


    Catering, Breakfast, Lunch and After School Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Sebastian Zuluaga Catering Operations Manager
    Debbie Bheekun Catering Team
    Cereta Hopkins Catering Team
    Sandra Oliveira Catering Team
    Antonio Soutinho Catering Team
    Nurdan Akyuz Midday Meal Supervisor
    Mohima Begum Midday Meal Supervisor
    Louise Campbell Midday Meal Supervisor
    Gulsen Kalayci Midday Meal Supervisor
    Vanita McCullogh Midday Meal Supervisor
    Raziya Mulla Midday Meal Supervisor
    Martina Nolan Midday Meal Supervisor
    Nicola Oyejobi Midday Meal Supervisor
    Leyla Palanci Midday Meal Supervisor
    Belinda Quartey Midday Meal Supervisor
    Farzana Rahman Midday Meal Supervisor
    Siobhan Reece Midday Meal Supervisor
    Patricia Salmon Midday Meal Supervisor
    Malkeet Singh Midday Meal Supervisor
    Shefali Khanom Midday Meal Supervisor
    Jordan Webb Midday Meal Supervisor
    Louise Smith Midday Meal Supervisor
    Debbie Bheekun Breakfast Club
    Raziya Mulla Breakfast Club
    Isatu Jalloh Breakfast Club
    Soumaya Trimech Breakfast Club
    Sharmarke Ali After School Club
    Nurdan Akyuz After School Club
    Isatu Jalloh After School Club
    Debbie Owen After School Club
    Gail Richards After School Club