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    The School Day

    Our school day is organised in such a way to provide maximum time for learning across a balanced curriculum.

    Breakfast Club

    We offer our children a positive start to the day by inviting them to breakfast club at 8:00am.  Here, they can enjoy a healthy breakfast, participate in activities and prepare for a day of learning.

    School Day Begins

    The school gates open at 8:45am each morning.  Our Y2-Y6 children are expected to be lined up in the playground by 8:55am where they will be greeted by their teacher, ready for a day of learning.  Children in Year 1 should make their way through the gate to their classroom door where they can meet their teacher and support staff.  Reception children should meet their teacher and their friends outside the classrooms where they line up ready for the start of the school day.  The school gates close promptly at 9.00am when all children are expected to be in school ready for the day ahead.  Children who arrive after 9.00am are recorded as being late to school.


    Each class has their own individual timetable and cover subjects from across the curriculum.  These timetables are available to our families in the classes section of the website.  Our assemblies take place each morning and are often themed around the schools vision and values.  This is a space for children to learn about current events, celebrate festivals, share learning, sing songs and be reflective.

    Children also enjoy a 15-minute break in the morning.  For Reception and KS1 this takes place at 10.00am and for KS2 at 10.20am.

    Lunch Time

    Our children can enjoy a packed lunch or a school meal.  Full use is made of our playgrounds and facilities. Lunchtime supervisors and sports coaches are trained to support children's play.  Activities such as skipping, drawing, games, reading and table tennis are available.  Our 'Playground Friend' pupil ambassadors take responsibility for supporting other children during this time, distributing resources, encouraging others to play and demonstrating the school values.

    Lunchtime for Reception and KS1 takes place between 11.30am and 12.30pm.  For our KS2 pupils, this takes place between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.


    During the afternoons, children continue to learn subjects across our broad curriculum.  Children in KS1 also enjoy a short afternoon break.

    After School

    The school gates open to our families from 3.25pm.  Our KS2 children can be collected from the school playground from 3.30pm whilst those in younger classes should be collected from their classroom doors.  After school, we provide an array of activities and clubs for children from Nursery to Year 6 to participate in.  These are a chance for children to explore a hobby and most importantly have fun!  In addition to our clubs, our after school play centre 'Our Space' runs from 3:30pm - 6:00pm.  Please view our Extended Schools page for further details.